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Being a Bee (Part 1)

in the STEAMspace

Hi kids! Do you like honey? Yummy! But how much do you really know about honey and how it is made? Did you know there are many different types of bees?

Then come to this fun, interactive class where we will learn about all different types of bees from around the world. We'll be using our magnifying glasses to take a close look at samples of bees, dried plants, bee nest samples, and honeycombs! Our teacher for today will be Olga Ines Cepeda, a biologist with a Master's in Tropical Bees.

Session 1, January 19: we will learn about different types of bees.

Session 2, January 26: we will learn about how bees live.

Session 3, February 2: we will learn why we should love bees and how they benefit the world.

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