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Donation Policy

Central to our mission, the Friends gratefully accept donations of books on all subjects and for all ages, magazines, maps, computer software, and audio-visual items within the following guidelines.  We also accept direct donations of money at the Bookroom, by mail and contributions through the United Way.

Guidelines for Donation of Materials:

• Please do not leave encyclopedia sets. There is no market for them.
• Please do not bring us anything that is torn, incomplete, been water damaged, or smells of mold.

• We only accept current issues plus the immediate past two issues of publications of a timely nature—news magazines, financial magazines, popular culture, etc.
• We will accept all issues of National Geographic, and other such magazines of universal interest that are not concerned with timely matters—such as those specializing in recipes, crafts, gardening, home remodels, etc.
• If you have removed any part of a magazine for your own use, please do not bring the remainder to the Bookroom.
• We do not accept medical journals.
• We would prefer that you use a marking pen if you wish to hide your name on the address label instead of tearing or cutting the cover. Our volunteers will mark the name out if you do not have a marking pen. 
• We reserve the right to recycle, discard, or give away donated materials that we deem to not be saleable.

Audio-Visual/Computer Software Items:
• We accept only items that have a cover or case, and are in useable condition.
• Please do not donate any item that is not complete—all tapes, CDs or DVDs that are listed on the cover or case must be present.

How and where to donate:
• Material donations are accepted at the Bookroom, located in the lobby of the Library (off to the right as you enter).
• Wagons are available to take to your car for transport of boxes.
• If you need assistance, please make arrangements at the Bookroom ahead of time. We may need to call in someone who is able to lift heavy items.
• If the Bookroom is closed, a wagon will be parked in the lobby for donations or to use as transport.  Donations may be left when the Bookroom is not open.

• Donations to Friends of the Richland Library are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
• If you would like a receipt, please ask for one. We will only note the date and the number of items. You will have to assess any value yourself.

Donate through Amazon:

The Friends of the Richland Library are listed at the website. Choose them from the menu and every time you shop, the Friends will get a donation of 0.5% of the purchase price of your eligible purchases. Be sure and select the Richland WA Friends group as there are several Richland Libraries out there.